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Great Staughton

Welcome to Great Staughton

Great Staughton is an active, friendly community with various Clubs and Societies offering a wide choice of things to do in the village for both children and adults. Please use this site to check what is happening in the village via the ‘Events’ section, ‘The Parish’ section and also via the ‘Clubs & Societies’ section.

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Life Magazine Spring 2024

Great Staughton and its people, by Anthony Withers

This book is about the remarkable people from this modest Huntingdonshire village who, over the past two millennia of England’s history, exercised power and influence both locally and on the national stage. The book gives a detailed biography of each of these characters, setting their lives in the wider context of English history from the time of the Romans to the present day.

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Events in Great Staughton
Great Staughton Church
Great Staughton Church
Place House in Great Staughton
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