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Winter Edition Life Magazine

Our First Quarterly issue of Life Magazine is here!

A note from the editor, Rob:

Welcome to a new era of the Life Magazine. Yes, this is our very first quarterly issue. Our hope is that over time, our new seasonal magazine will get bigger and better, with plenty of community- created content.

You can find out more about the decision as to why we have become a seasonal magazine, along with our new publishing timetable, on page 35. I would like to thank our advertisers for sticking with us, and our contributors who have been brilliant and sent us three months’ of content to fill this issue.

As always, we’re on the look out for more advertisers, so for the first time, we’ve included our advert rates to make the process much easier. You’ll find this important information on page 45. I do hope you all enjoy this magazine and have a lovely Christmas, New Year, and, well, rest of winter. Shaun will be on hand to edit the Spring Edition, which should land on your doormat at the end of February/start of March, and I’ll be back for the Summer Edition in June. See you then!

Read by clicking the link below;

Life Mag Winter Edition 2021
Download PDF • 12.04MB

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