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Update on Village wide heating schemes

Renewable Energy Heating for Villages around Grafham Water

Parish Council representatives from Grafham, Perry, and Great Staughton have come together to explore the possibility of providing a renewable energy alternative to the oil central heating that most residents use to heat their homes. The objective of the project, supported by Cambridgeshire County Council, is to provide an affordable heating solution that will reduce the carbon “footprint” of our villages and contribute to controlling climate change.

The first step is to apply for funding from the Rural Communities Energy Fund for an initial feasibility study that will help define the project and identify an appropriate technology. A variety of solutions will be reviewed, but one interesting option is the development of district heating using central ground source heat pumps or possibly extracting heat from Grafham Water. Swaffham Prior is already in the advanced stages of developing a ground source heating project, details of which can be seen on .

It is important to understand the level of community support for the project. In normal times we would have held a village meeting and perhaps surveyed residents. The Parish Councils are supporting the project on the assumption that villagers will be interested in finding out more. The intention is to establish a project website for the three villages for this purpose.

If you have any comments both for or against, please could you contact your Parish Clerk as listed below.

The Parish Councils of Grafham, Great Staughton and Perry.

Grafham: Parish Clerk, Margaret Life: Great Staughton Parish Clerk Jo Russell 01480 860247 Perry Parish Clerk 07899000026

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