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TING BUS – A flexible bus service in SW Huntingdonshire

The Ting bus service has been running for some time but recently some changes have been made.

The service is an on-demand bus/type taxi service.

It is available for journeys from and to Great Staughton and the neighbouring area including to St. Neots. Journeys can also be made to and from Huntingdon Rail and Bus Stations, Hinchingbrooke Hospital and Cambourne business park.

You decide when you want the bus to collect you and when you want to return.

You do this by calling 0115 777 3187 or by downloading the app to your phone. On the App you can identify pick up and drop off points as well as pay in advance.

OAP bus passes can be used and the fare for others £2.00 Adult single and £1 child single.

Please note changes from original TING service

  • You need to download a different app Vectare DRT app

  • The contact phone number is different from the original.

  • The bus picks you up at a specific address not the nearest bus stop.

  • Ensure if you need wheelchair or push chair access you state this to ensure the correct bus attends.

  • Keep your phone on so that if there is a problem with locating you or a delay the bus driver can contact you.

  • The service operates Mon-Sat 6.00am to 8.00pm.

  • If you can travel with others book it together.

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