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The future of Life Magazine

An important message about the future of the Life Magazine.

The last eighteen or so months have been extremely difficult for all of us.

We would like to thank every single person who has supported us and donated to the magazine throughout the pandemic, be it popping a few coins in the Pots around the villages or sending us a very generous donation. All the money we have received has seen us through Covid times and allowed us to continue putting out a monthly magazine, and for that we are extremely grateful.

Sadly, the Life Magazine is still losing money, and without a big change, it simply will not survive. We know how important the magazine is for the community and closing it down is something that just isn’t an option for us.

So, as of December, Life & Diaries will become a quarterly magazine. This is a decision that has not been taken lightly, but Chairperson Nicole, Treasurer Helen, and the Editors Rob and Shaun feel this is the best option to ensure the future of the magazine.

Four magazines a year compared to twelve will allow us to make them bigger and better and will give our dedicated contributors more time to produce top-quality content for us. At the height of the pandemic, Shaun and Rob often struggled to fill the pages and often, some content was repeated. This is something that won’t happen with a quarterly magazine.

We also hope this longer time between magazines will encourage more people in Perry and Great Staughton to get involved with Life and submit stories, poems, articles, reviews, photographs, recipes etc. We want to ensure the magazine is a hub for the local community and something people look forward to reading.

This October issue you’re reading right now will be the last one in a monthly format. There will be no November magazine, and then we’ll back for our ‘Winter Edition’ in early December which we hope will be full of Christmas and New Year events.

Below you’ll see the timetable for each issue and when the content deadline will be.

Timetable of issues to be included in the announcement:

Winter edition: Dec, Jan, Feb (content deadline Nov 10th)

Spring edition: Mar, April, May (content deadline Feb 10th)

Summer edition: June July, August (content deadline May 10th)

Autumn edition: Sept, Oct, Nov (content deadline Aug 10th) I

f you have any questions about the future of the Life Magazine, or if you’re a regular contributor and you want to know how your articles will work in the quarterly magazine, please do email the editors Rob and Shaun on and and we’ll happily talk you thoroughly through everything.

Thank you for your continued support, The Life Magazine Team

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