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Life Magazine NEW Edition: Summer 2023

Welcome to the Summer Edition 2023. I’m going to kick things off by thanking my now former co-editor Shaun Prince, who, after eight years, has decided to step down from the Life Magazine. Shaun has been brilliant in his time editing the magazine and I couldn’t have asked for a better co-editor over the years. He’s left a nice note for everyone on page 6 so go and give it a read.

So, for the rest of the year, or the Autumn and Winter Editions, I’ll be editing solo. But myself and Chairperson Nicole would like to invite anyone interested in coming on as our new co-editor to reach out to us. We can provide more detail over email.

Please also be sure to continue emailing both and addresses to ensure no content is ever missed.

I hope you all enjoy this issue, and have lovely summers, and I’ll see you all in September for the Autumn Edition.

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