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Parish Council Minutes 06.07.16

Minutes of the Great Staughton Parish Council meeting held on 6th July 2016 in the Pavilion

Present: Sir H Duberly (HD) (Chair) J Bowen (JB) K Fisk (KF) G Gilbert (GG) R Jewell (RJ) D Moore (DM) W Mumford (WM) A Withers (AW) Jo Reid – Clerk (JR) N Yates (NY) Also present were County Councillor Peter Downes (PD) and District Councillor Jonathan Gray (JG).

a) Residents’ Forum None present.

1. Apologies for absence None received

2. Minutes of the meeting held on 11th May 2016 The minutes were then agreed as a true record and signed.

3. Matters Arising b/f – KF still awaiting final paperwork for School Governor. Action: KF b/f – Chase Denis Vacher regarding gritting bin, cc. Peter Downes. Action: JR b/f – Parish Council now compliant with transparency. b/f – further chaser to Environment regarding flooding. Action: JR Bus Service – RJ reported the 408 will cease 21/7, replaced by 400. Details to be posted. Action: RJ Request acknowledgement from J Djanogly regarding NHS merger plan opposition. Action: JR b/f – Green Lane hedge still overhanging. Parish Lunch was a great success, the Parish Council wished to thank Mr & Mrs Edmunds, Kimbolton Rotary, GM Gilbert and the Youth Club. Action: JR Queens 90th Birthday Medals presented to school children in June, a few now available for sale. Action: JB

4. Attendance at other meetings JB attended the Piglets AGM:

  1. Accounts as at 31/8/15 reported a large loss due to staff costs. This is now under control.

  2. It was confirmed that they will renew their lease for use of the Pavilion room after it expires in Apr 17.

  3. They are looking for new trustees, please contact them directly if you are interested.

  4. They are looking to for a ‘Friends of Piglets’ for one off projects.

  5. 21 on role as at June, 10 will go up to school in September.

5. Planning Applications received: 16/00799/FUL – The Orchard Garden Farm: Agreed 16/00958/573 – 79 The Highway: Agreed 16/00669/LBC – New Pond Farm: Agreed 16/00852/HHFUL – 12 Dillington: Agreed 15/2374/REM – 59/61 The Highway was approved on appeal

6. Highways Zebra Crossing now in place and working, the Parish Council are very grateful for this. Approval for Local Highway Initiative for traffic calming measure on the Perry Road from The Green. Councillors are to meet with CCC to agree the design. Action: RJ,DM,WM Parking obstruction on Cage Lane prevented a milk lorry from getting through. Matter referred to Police. Action: JR Parking on The Highway is still under review Cage Lane ditches – WM will resolve Avery Hill and the Culvert. Letters to be sent to Jonathan Brown and Ms Godfrey regarding the Field and opposite from Karl Brockett. Action: WM, JR Hole in Causeway Close pavement reported to CCC HD to follow up on Dillington Street Furniture Action: HD

7. Report from County & District Councillors JG mentioned that the Playing Field grant had been approved. He also informed that the Local Plan is still ongoing, more information should be available Sept/Oct. They are also looking at the impacts on Environment Flood Model.

PD apologised from being unable to attend previous meeting. He also informed about the Devolution Plans: this initiative have been announced by Government, however CCC pushed back on original plans. They are now working on a Cambridge/Peterborough plan for combined authority. Consultation for this began on 28 June to 22 August.

8. Correspondence Received 3 June – Mike Keeble: Request to renovate village sign 7 June – Ian Winfield: Highways update, new contact Karl Brockett 8 June – Brid Cooney: Rights of Way Improvement Plan 8 June – Richard Lumley: Anglia Level Crossing proposal 13 June – Capalc: response to payment questions 21 June – Mark Macdonald: Request to meet to review traffic calming bid 3 Jul – Hunts Pest: quotation for removal of Brown Tail Moth Sent 2 June – Jonathan Djanogly: PC support for campaign against NHS merger 6 June – Ian Winfield: Request for Highways update 7 June – Mike Keeble: Approval to renovate village sign

9. Cheques in and out since 11 May 2016: Income: Nil Expenditure: Peter Round 470.40 R Jewell Exps 34.95 Sir Hugh Duberly Exps 513.83 Capalc 273.31 CLT 150.00 KE Wilson 156.00 E.on 541.30 D Palmer (Apr sal) 150.04 Total £2289.83 Balance in Community account: £18,450.60 All Councillors reviewed the Cashbook. HD & RJ confirmed they had seen a copy of the reconciled cashbook up to 4 July and approved it. Annual grants were approved for Life (£600), Playing Field (£1,000), Village Hall (£1,000). Approval given for Playing Fields broken fence post works of £280. It was approved to enagage with Hunts Pest in regard to removing the Brown Tail Moth from the playing field hedge.

10. Affordable Housing CLT papers to be sent to working group to review Action: HD, JR Meeting to be arranged for late August Action: JR Email from Luminus requesting updated information, JR to respond Action: JR

11. Reports from: Village Hall Committee (KF) Nothing to report Playing Field Committee (NY) Grant awarded is gratefully received. Usage is still low. Looking to advertise to wider villages. Action: NY Neighbourhood Watch (DM) Pushing forward with electronic communications Action: DM Speed Watch (DM) Two new people have been trained to use the equipment, which is now ready for use.

14. Parish Matters JB reported that residents on Green Close are requesting moss removal on pavement outside No.8. This is dangerous when wet. JR to refer to CCC Action: JR

Dates of meetings for 2016 7th September 9th November

HD thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 8.47pm.

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