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National Grid Grant

National Grid are updating the power lines which run through Great Staughton.

As a result they are offering grants to affected communities of up to £20,000 for suitable projects. This is a real opportunity to get grant money as obviously there are only a relatively small number of Parishes affected.

Orgainisations which can apply.

Registered charities, social enterprises and non-profit organisations.

Potential purpose of the grants – these are very broad

Social benefits

  • Initiatives that support hard-to-reach members of the community improving diversity and inclusion.

  • Initiatives that support community safety – from electricity safety to protecting at-risk members of society including the elderly and those with special needs.

  • Initiatives which achieve improved educational attainment through building confidence and self-esteem of children and young people.

  • Education projects especially those that upskill young people with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) skills.

  • Activities that promote or support health and wellbeing in the local community, for example addressing energy efficiency.

Economic benefits

  • Initiatives that support employment either through a work placement or retraining schemes which increase the employability of people from lower income communities back into the workplace.

  • Initiatives that support capacity building for community, charity or voluntary groups to help them improve their services, whether it be reaching more users or extending the hours that the service is available.

Environmental benefits

  • Initiatives such as conservation projects that have a direct and positive environmental impact or awareness raising projects that improve environmental behaviour or understanding from recycling to water resource management.

  • Improvement of the energy efficiency of community facilities.

  • Initiatives which help people to manage their energy usage and access affordable tariffs.

Some organisations which have benefitted in December 2022

Axe District Scouts


Uffington Village Hall

Porthamdog Jnr Football

Langton Herring Village Hall

Lodden Community Energy

If you and your organisation are interested please either complete the application form which can be found on the link above or contact me.

Bob Jewell

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