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Minutes of the Great Staughton Parish Council meeting held on 23 March 2023 – 7.30pm

Minutes of the Great Staughton Parish Council meeting

held on 23 March 2023 – 7.30pm


R Jewell (BJ) H Hopperton (HH) G Brittain (GB)

N Yates (NY) L Goody (LG) W Mumford (WM)

David Moore (DM). J Duberly (JD)

Ian Gardener (IG) Stephen Cawley (SC)

J Russel - Clerk

1. Apologies for absence – Helen Glanville

2. Declarations of Interest – JD – letter received from Bob Joyce re hedgerow.

3. Resident’s Forum – Renee and Stephen Ellis attended to discuss traffic problems in The Town. They were supporting the issues raised in the letter received from Lisa Chapman, who unfortunately could not attend tonight’s meeting. Vehicles are speeding through that part of the village and they wondered whether average speed cameras could be put on place similar to the ones installed in Colmworth. Renee has contacted the police to ask for them to monitor the area but has had no success. IG commented that average speed cameras are very expensive to install so CCC tend to look at other measures such as MVAS and build outs. Renee has contacted the company that own the lorries that are driving through The Town at speed. There is a weight restriction of 17 tonnes and these lorries are larger so the police need to enforce. Renee was asked to write down the registration of the lorries. It was recommended that DM pass the MVAS data on to the police and then we can ask for a mobile speed cameras to be put in the area. Unfortunately, the PC has limited powers and there are no simple solutions to these problems but we will continue to cajole CCC to help resolve the problem. IG will ask for an engineer to come out and look at build out options too.

James Duberly wished to speak on the issue of the hedgerow raised by Bob Joyce in his correspondence. JD was raising this in his personal capacity not as a Parish Councillor. He stated that no one had been in touch with the farmer who cut the hedge in question but that Mr Joyce was spoken to all the way through process. Mr Joyce is alleging that a hedge has been removed and that wildlife has been disturbed. JD stated that his letter contains a number of inconsistences and is inaccurate. The hedge in question is on JD’s side of the boundary and so does not belong to Mr Joyce. JD then wanted to know what BJ’s involvement was with this issue. BJ stated that Mr Joyce had spoken to him at the end of last year about the hedge and briefly described the issues. BJ advised him that the issue he was raising were for HDC to resolve and that he should contact them.

4. Reports from District and County Councillors


  • Ting Bus - there have been complaints about the app not working properly and buses not turning up when booked. IG has suggested that he visits villages with the buses so he can explain how these work.

  • Green Close potholes – these have now been filled.

  • Staughton Moor – the legal team at CCC are still reviewing the barrister’s document and a response will be issued shortly.

  • Still no response regarding Footpath 40 and he will chase the footpath officer once one is appointed. CCC are now altering the remit of the Highways Officer to do this work but they will require training first. So, there is likely to be further delay.

  • The new scheme to apply for 20mph speed limits is now open. Any PC interested needs to apply by 30 April. Only 8 schemes will be funded though. The advice is to apply for the whole village not individual streets, like in Hail Weston. IG will support any scheme that the PC applies for.

  • Road Gritting – the road will be gritted in severe weather only but CCC are re-evaluating their gritting routes at present.

  • Footpath from Dillington to The Green – IG advised that we need to speak to the footpath officer John Munslow but he will check if that is the correct person to speak to and get back to the Clerk.

  • White railing fence - The Causeway – the landowner is responsible for this not CCC.

  • The Green gullies – these were cleared in December 2022. The Green/The highway are on 28-day cycle for clearing and IG will also mention the drain in Vicarage Walk.


  • The Huntingdon Local Plan is being reviewed and updated – work has now started.

  • HDC has adopted the Climate Strategy - to be net zero by 2040.

  • Energy Bill Support Scheme – central government will action this not HDC.

  • NY wanted to pass on her thanks to the street cleaning team at HDC namely David Rook and his team for clearing all the rubbish away from the litter pick.

5. Minutes of the meeting held on 19 January 2023 – approved.

6. Matters arising:

  1. Green Close potholes – see above. Remove from agenda.

  2. Tree in Moory Croft – remove from agenda

  3. Blocked footpath (40) near 5 Acres Salvage yard – as above

  4. Replacement of parish streetlights – work has commenced but Clerk will find out when work is due to be completed.

  5. Trees The Highway and Green Lane – CCC and HDC have been emailed again asking them to deal with this issue

  6. Bus shelter – work is now complete. But could roof be repainted. NY will ask the builder.

  7. Holiday activates for children - we are arranging some dates with HWPC.

  8. Email from Asmita Hynes regarding potholes – Clerk will raise with CCC.

  9. Drainage The Town - LG passed on her thanks to IG for dealing with this issue so quickly.

  10. Alternative Land Management email – not relevant to the village. Remove from agenda.

7. Attendance at other meetings – nothing to report.

8. Highways

  1. Current LHI bid 23/24 – now submitted

  2. Blocked drains – Moor Road, Green Lane and The Green/Highway – see above. HH will check the Moor Road drain.

  3. Tree in Moory Croft – remove from agenda

  4. Blocked highway in Perry – see above re footpath officer

  5. Footpath from Dillington to The Green - see above

  6. 20mph speed limit in Dillington – it was suggested that the whole village be at 20mph zone. The application could include Dillington and the school and areas that do not have a footpath. It was agreed to make an application under the 20mph scheme to include the whole village through to The Town but to exclude the B661 from the 30mph perimeter up to Dillington.

  7. Email from Simon Clark re zebra crossing – average speed cameras will cost in the region of £250k. The PC will make enquiries but it is unlikely to be financially viable for a village this size. But if the village was successful in its 20mph application this would help solve the problems raised in Mr Clark’s letter.

  8. Letter from Lisa Chapman regarding speeding vehicles in The Town. DM will give the MVAS data to the police. IG will visit the area with an engineer to discuss potential build out. The PC will make an application under the 20mph scheme to include The Town. The Clerk will report the drain and damaged pavement.

9. Planning

  1. Staughton Moor planning enforcement – see above.

  2. 21/01016/FUL – Little America, Moor Road – 8 business units – objections submitted – response still awaited. SC will chase this again.

  3. Wyboston Garden Village/developments in Beds near A1 – ongoing.

  4. Appeal Against Enforcement Notice 21/00092/ENUCO – 11 Little America Industrial Estate – still ongoing – this is with the Planning Inspectorate and will be some months before any update/decision is received.

  5. 22/00807/CLED Lawful Development Certificate B2 for Car Repair – consultation – 12 Little America Industrial Estate – no change but an officer has been appointed now.

10. Cashbook – approved.

Current account £29407.02

Business account £21691.93

Expenditure: £

11. Correspondence - emails Simon Clark and Asmita Hynes. Letters from Bob Joyce and Lisa Chapman.

12. Affordable housing update – BJ reported one of the shared ownership purchases had fallen through unfortunately. But all the other houses have been allocated now and should be occupied very shortly.

13. Three Villages Sustainable Heat Scheme update – no further report.

14. Neighbourhood Plan – BJ reported that the draft plan has been prepared. There now needs to be a consultation period and this could be at the Parish Assembly on 11 May. He will suggest that the Consultant comes to the meeting and we will seek responses on the draft housing strategy.

15. Reports from:

  1. Village Hall Committee – LG reported the hall is very booked up and well used.

  2. Playing Field Committee – all of the windows and doors have been replaced. Thanks to Alan Hills and Gerald Bream for their hard work.

  3. Speed Watch – no report.

16. Parish Matters - WM – raised the issue of the equestrian signs – there had been no consultation. The National Grid are carrying out refurbishment works in the village that may cause disruption. We have not been given full details yet. NY wanted to say thank you to everyone who joined in the litter pick. The 33 people who attended collected 120 sacks of rubbish. Regarding Life Magazine, Shaun Prince has stepped down and NY wanted to pass on thanks to him for many years of work on Life. May need to look for another editor but Rob will see if he can work on his own. BJ reported that the defibrillator was missing. Phil Yates will investigate this. There is also an abandoned vehicle in the village hall car park which needs to be removed. This will be reported to HDC Enforcement. It does not have permission to be left there.

17. James Duberly then left the meeting so the PC could discuss the letter from Bob Joyce – Stephen Cawley reported that the head of planning is investigating why Mr Joyce had not received a timely response to his letter from November 2022. Someone will be responding to him shortly. The issue he raises in his letter are for HDC and the Police and so the PC cannot assist. The PC can therefore take no action and HDC will respond to Mr Joyce.

18. Meeting dates for 2023 - Parish Assembly 11 May, AGM 25 May, 6 July, 14 September, 9 November. Meeting closed 9.30 pm

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