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Jubilee Celebrations Great Staughton

As you will be aware (I hope), we are inviting you to a picnic in the park (on the Playing Field in Great Staughton on Sunday 5th June from 12.00 until 16.00.

There will be memorabilia in the pavilion – photos, family trees etc.

Sir Hugh Duberly will be dedicating a plaque by the new oak trees planted on the playing field. These will be registered as part of the Queen’s Jubilee canopy being planted throughout the country.

An idea would people like to make the Queen’s jubilee lemon trifle.

I already have one offer to make a trifle. The Parish Council will fund the cost of all the ingredients for people contributing. If we could get some more offers to make the trifle, we can seek a very small donation which can fund the ingredients or go to charity.

There are various ways to make the trifles here is a link to one of the simplest.

Let me know if you would make a trifle, if we got 6 trifles with about 8 servings per trifle, we could provide about 50 helpings. The trifles could be stored in the fridge on the playing field.

Many thanks

Bob Jewell


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