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Information on obtaining housing on the affordable dwelling site

Rented Accommodation

People need to be registered on the HDC Homelink system

The rents for the social rent properties are already set and won’t change. They are:

1 bed flat £84.53 per week

2 bed house £113.26

2 bed bungalow £108.38

3 bed house £124.91

In order to register interest in the homes

Shared Ownership

People need to register with the Help to Buy agent for the south of England .

These databases will hold much of the key information required and will be cross checked against the names on the e-mail register above.

The shared ownership plots have been valued 100% as follows: The portion to be included in any purchase needs to be negotiated.

2 bed house £255,000

3 bed house £310,000

However, these prices are subject to revision and will be revalued 3 months prior to the sales completion date.

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