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Great Staughton Parish Council Annual Parish Assembly Minutes Thursday, 11th May 2023

1. Apologies for absence - James Duberly, Eileen Gilbert - Parish Charities

2. Parish Councillors attending: Bob Jewell, Nicole Yates, David Moore,

Will Mumford, Giles Brittain, Helen Glanville, Helen Hopperton, Lorraine


3. County Councillor and District Councillor: Ian Gardner and Stephen


4. Chairman's Welcome - BJ thanked everyone for coming and explained

that he had asked Natalie Blaken to attend tonight as she was helping with

the Neighbourhood Plan. There were documents at the back for people to

comment on as part of the consultation. People were asked to consider and

comment on the proposed sites - see attached document listing each of

the sites.

5. Neighbourhood Plan - BJ explained why we were preparing a

Neighbourhood Plan. The advantage in doing so was to consult with the

community and shape development in the village. It could look at what

type of future development there would be and also look at what views the

village would wish to maintain.

a. Consideration of call to sites Assessment - 8 sites have been

assessed in total. Attendees are asked to indicate on the sheets

at the back of the room which 1 or 2 sites they have a

preference for. It is possible to develop another site in the

future. All the responses will be considered at the next Parish

Council Meeting on 25 May and a final decision made based on

the results.

b. Views and Vistas - people are asked to consider this section and

then let BJ know if there are any other sites to list here.

c. Landscapea nd TownscapeA ssessmen-t this section lists the

following so far: The Highway, The Town, Dillington,

Beachampstead- modern built up area, The Moor, KymV alley

Meadows, Ridge and Furrow Fields. Can people let BJ know if

there is anything else that needs to be added.

d. Non-Designated Heritage Sites - these sites are ones that are

important to the village but are not listed.

e. Safe and Sustainable transport - the PC is looking into the

possibility of a footpath from the village up to Dillington. The

draft plan also mentions having a safe cycle route fromKimbolton to St Neots and a pedestrian crossing in Great Staughton.

Can people please provide their comments on these proposed sites in the next 3-4

weeks so that the PC has all the information to make an informed decision on 25

May. This is a key date as the Neighbourhood Plan can be finalised once we know

what sites have been nominated. The next stage is for HDC to see the plan to

ensure that it does not conflict with their policies. Once this has happened the Plan

can be finalised and the Consultation period can begin - which is a 6-week process

where people can comment on it. The Plan will then go to HDC and they do a 6-

week consultative period before an examiner is appointed. There will then be a local

referendum and if more than 50% of the votes are in favour then the Plan will be


6. Chairman's review of the 2022/23 and preview of 2023/24 - BJ

thanked Phil Yates for keeping the village tidy and neat. The PC has been

very busy and a number of projects have been completed. There are new

streetlights, halos on the crossing, the crossing has also been painted,

website improvements, a litter pick, the bus shelter has had some

main~enancep, avilion has had new windows and doors and the village hall

has had some improvements too. This year we have been applied for LHI

funding for another speed sign, we have had holiday activities for children

on the playing field and applied for there to be a 20mph speed limit in the


7. Parish Accounts

• Parish Council - Bob Jewell - the precept was kept at £22,000 as

per the previous year. The PC has about £20,000 of ongoing

expenditure per year and there will be a couple of one-off payments

for the new streetlights and road improvements (see attached


• Playing Field - Giles Brittain - the pavilion's main income is from the

Buckden Football Club and Girl Guides now that Piglets have closed.

Total income was £1045 and expenditure £4570.47. The works on the

pavilion have been paid for out of the covid grants received and the

closing balance for the year was £22,266.57 (see attached accounts).

• Parish Charities - BJ reported that Eileen Gilbert sent her apologies

for the meeting but she has sent in the accounts. She also said that

they were looking for applicants to make grants to which should be

used for educating young people. There was a discussion as to

whether the Parish Charities should broaden their objectives in how

they can spend their monies and it was suggested that it could perhaps

be better advertised so that more applications for grants are received

(see attached accounts).

• Village Hall - Helen Glanville - thanks to Phil Yates for arranging all

the trades for the various work that has been done in the village hall.

He has worked very hard to fix any problems. Accounts are very

healthy due to the village hall being in full use and due to the covid

grants. (see attached accounts).

• 'Life' Magazine - Helen Glanville - this is now a quarterly magazine.

Advertising is picking up now and thanks to Great Staughton PC and

Perry PC for donating funds. There is now a £2k surplus. Helen also

took the opportunity to ask users to turn down/or up the heaters using

the remote control and not by touching the heaters themselves. If you

physically turn them off then the hall is not heated for the next

users. If you turn them down by the remote control then the next

users have the option of altering the temperature to suit their activity

(see attached accounts).

• Community Land Trust - Bob Jewell - the CLT has spent £900.

There has been no income received. The balance in the bank is £12610

(see attached accounts).

8. Affordable Housing Project - Bob Jewell was pleased to report that 11

out of the 12 properties are now occupied and the last property will be

occupied at the end of May. People may be interested to know that we

satisfied the local connection - 6 people were from Great Staughton, 3 had

family connections to Great Staughton, 1 was employed in Great

Staughton, 1 was from Perry and 1 from St Neats. There was much less

demand for the shared ownership properties. There has also been some

water damage and mould problems in one of the properties. This

information will be passed to the CLT who will take it up on behalf of the

residents. Nicole Yates wished to thank Bob Jewell on behalf of everyone in

the village for providing housing to people who otherwise would not be

able to live here.

9. 20mph scheme - Bob Jewell explained that CCC were offering funding

for a few schemes across the county to apply for funding to put a 20pmh

speed limit put in place. There has not been a huge amount of money

allocated for this though. GSPC have now applied for this and we are

waiting hear if we have been successful. The application was for whole of

the village through to The Town but excluding B661 up to Dillington from

the Snooty Tavern. The advice from IG was to apply for the whole village

(like Hail Weston) rather than separate streets. Results of the application

should hopefully be publicised in June. Residents of The Town, Dillington

and The Highway have all previously requested that something be done

about the speeding in the village and this would obviously deal with that

problem, if we were successful in our application. The PC were now

seeking views of the community at the Assembly. A map of the areas in question were shown. Parishioners generally agreed that the 20mph limit was a good idea for the village.

10. Reports from County & District Councillors & Police - see attached

reports. There was no report received from the police.

11. Reports from the School, Church and other local societies - see

email from school attached. The Church reported that they were now

raising funds for the improvements to the interior of the church. The tower

was now complete. They also wanted to thank Piglets who passed on their

equipment to the church after their closure. Horticultural Society plan to

have the plant sale the last weekend in May. There is a garden talk in


12. Parish matters: no issues raised apart from a resident raising the state of

the footpaths around the village. GSPC have raised this with CCC on

several occasions but unfortunately Great Staughton is not a priority and

there is a general lack of funding. The PC will keep up the pressure on CCC


Please see more info and attachments in the PDF below.

Parish Assembly minutes with attachments 11 May 2023
Download PDF • 28.79MB

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