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Great Staughton Neighbourhood Plan Summary

Some of these have been posted before, but please find here everything you need regarding the Great Staughton Neighbourhood Plan.

Planning Policy Context Analysis, by Cambridgeshire ACRE

This paper sets out the key strategic planning policies that will need to be considered in developing the Great Staughton Neighbourhood Plan.

Planning Policy Context Analysis
Download PDF • 525KB

Demographic & Socio-Economic Review, by Cambridgeshire ACRE

This report has been produced to support the development of the Great Staughton Neighbourhood Plan. It pulls together a range of published data to paint a picture of the parish in terms of its demography, housing profile, socio-economic characteristics, local labour market and deprivation statistics.

Demographic & Socio-Economic Review
Download PDF • 2.28MB

Neighbourhood Survey Responses, by Great Staughton Parish Council

In late 2021 we distributed residential and business questionnaires within Great Staughton. We received 184 residential replies and 14 business replies.

Village Survey[28094]
Download PPTX • 516KB

Great Staughton Neighbourhood Plan, update from 10th March meeting

On Thursday March 10th residents from the village met in the village hall to consider the results of the surveys which had been distributed throughout the village together with other relevant planning information.

The session was ably facilitated by Cambridgeshire Acre.

There will be a full summary of the ideas discussed and the proposed suggestions for the neighbourhood plan in the next few weeks. There were a number of suggestions at the meeting to show details of previous information. I have grouped these together in this post.

• The Planning Context

• Demographic and Socio-Economic Review

• Results of the Surveys

Bob Jewell

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