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Dog fouling on playing field

Polite Notice

The spectre of dog fouling in the village has once again reared its ugly head. In particular, we are getting regular reports of dogs fouling on the Playing Field. This is doubly frustrating, because not only are dogs fouling on the Field and the mess not being cleared up, but dogs (except guide dogs) are not permitted to be on the Playing Field in the first place. We therefore take this opportunity to politely remind dog owners that they must not take their dogs onto the Playing Field. Nor should they use the footpath that leads from Green Lane to Causeway Close and passed the Pavilion to the school car park to “just cut through” as one dog walker recently replied when they were advised that dogs were not allowed on the Playing Field. The Playing Field is used by the children attending Piglets Pre-School and the Primary School, as well as families using the outdoor space to play and have a kickabout and it is totally unacceptable for them to be confronted with dog mess.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Great Staughton Parish Council.

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