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Application for a 20mph scheme throughout the village

Following many representations, the Parish Council has decided at its recent meeting to apply for a 20mph limit throughout the whole village of Great Staughton. We have been advised that it is best to apply for a village area rather than specific streets. As you may appreciate funds are very limited for this and there will be many demands throughout the whole of Cambridgeshire. Therefore we need to present our best case and then even if we are not initially successful we negotiate and try to improve our case.

The area the Parish Council proposes to submit covers the following (see map below).

  • The Highway and The Green and roads off from the current 30mph border at the St. Neots end to the 30mph border at the Kimbolton end, and up to the 30mph border on the B661 towards Perry.

  • Cage Lane and all the way through to the Dillington crossroads on the B661.

  • The Town and roads off from the junction with the Highway to 30mph border on the outskirts of the village leaving the Town.

There are specific criteria to prioritise schemes and I have attached the relevant document.

I need evidence of known safety issue and problems. Specifically examples of accidents, collusions, injuries. Photos and other evidence would be very helpful.

Could you please provide evidence to me in digital form to, together with any queries by April 12th.


Bob Jewell

Download PDF • 146KB

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30 mar 2023

Wouldn't stricter enforcement of 30 mph be better than trying something new and unproven as effective for the village.

Me gusta
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