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An update from the Chair of Great Staughton Parish Council on the Affordable Housing Project.

Please see below the third update from Aspen Homes.

In partnership with Chorus Homes, Aspen Build have begun work on The Green, Great Staughton. The project is due for completion in late 2022.

Project Summary.

HDC have still not discharged all the planning conditions including one which relates to drainage. This is now 2 months over the date on which it should have been determined. HDC have been chased but this could cause a delay to the project.

Footway closure.

The footway to the south boundary of the site has been closed from the 25th of October until further notice.

Statutory authorities’ operations.

We are currently awaiting final dates for the projects temporary electrical and water connections.

Openreach there is a diversion required to overhead and underground connections at the entrance to the site. We have been advised by Openreach there should be no disruptions to the service during these operations. A date for this work from Openreach is still awaited.

The following has been completed

  • Establish full site boundary and signage.

  • Establish site compound set up.

  • Complete Arboricultural works to the site boundaries.

  • Provide Warning notices for the footway closure once we have received the approval from the LPA.

  • Setting out the haul road

Aspen Build (East Anglia) Ltd is part of the Considerate Constructor Scheme. The Scheme is a non-profit making, independent organisation founded in 1997 by the construction industry to improve the image of construction.

We will endeavour to keep any inconvenience to a minimum and welcome any feedback, offering an open-door approach. We handle each query in the strictest confidence and commit to providing a satisfactory outcome in every instance.

Jake Betts is the Site Manager overseeing the project. If you have any queries, please get in touch with Stephen Baker on 01473 222 313

As part of our ethos, we would welcome any suggestions on how we could assist the local community during our time in Great Staughton.

Many thanks for your consideration.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Baker

Construction Manager

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