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Affordable Housing in Great Staughton

The affordable housing site is still moving forward to completion. However, there are ongoing problems with connection to the water supply. Anglian Water have connected the main connection from the Highway to the site but not the individual links on the site. In spite of repeated chasing, they have not given a firm date for this to happen.

The builders have completed most tasks that are possible until water is available to individual properties. They cannot finish all the fittings etc as they need to pressure test water supply and check for any leaks. In addition, they cannot complete groundworks until all final connections and trenching is complete.

All buildings are watertight, and most services are linked to the properties. Bathroom kitchen and electrical fittings are largely complete. Completion on all properties is not now anticipated until February 2023.

The process of allocating the properties has begun in relation to the shared ownership dwellings. The rented properties will be advertised 1 month from a known completion date. Any applicants will see an advert on Home-link and be asked to respond (assuming a pre-registration of the interest has been declared).

Any queries please contact me

Bob Jewell

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