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Affordable Housing Development


The contracts have been exchanged between Great Staughton Parish Charities, Great Staughton Community Land Trust and Places for People (Chorus Homes) for the development of 12 properties on the Charities Field just North of 29 The Green.

This paves the way for the next stage in the process and the planning application for the development under the rural exception conditions has now also been submitted. Residents will see this being advertised. Once I have a planning reference number,  I will post it. At that time,  you will be able to make comments on the application. If any residents are interested in the development for themselves or their family,  it will be helpful to the acceptance of the planning permission if such favourable comments were posted on the HDC website. I will provide a link once the application is registered.

The planning process takes up to 3 months and so a result is not expected until Christmas. The process of letting the contracts will then take place with a start on site with enabling works expected in March 2021. The full development should then start in the Spring of 2021 with a probable 12 month build program.

Bob Jewell

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