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A concert to raise the spirits - Saturday 12th March

With the news all full of fire and fury, we are helping to host a concert to raise spirits and funds at St Andrew’s Church in Great Staughton on Saturday March 12th.

Two things about the concert which make it special…the timing at 5.00 pm means you can get home in good time! Also the programme of music has been specially chosen to bring a sense of peace.

Two of the pieces were composed using the piano in the Church which has recently been donated and the funds will be divided between the Benefice of the Staughtons with Hail Weston and the organisation which has donated the piano.

Here is a flyer which do send on to others. Tickets can be reserved via me or bought via Eventbrite but will also be available on the day if they haven’t all flown by then.

It would be lovely to see you or any friends who might enjoy it. Wine and refreshments will be available at the end. All best wishes, Liz and Richard

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