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£150 Energy Bill Rebate letters on the way to residents

Huntingdonshire residents eligible for the £150 Energy Bill Rebate that have not yet received their payment will start receiving letters from this week showing them how to claim.

The letter sets out how households in Council tax bands A to D can complete an online form to receive the payment. Those who cannot complete the form themselves - and who don't have anyone else that can help them - will be provided with a helpline number to contact.

The Energy Bill Rebate payments were announced by the Government earlier this year as part of

a package of measures to help people manage the rise in household energy bills, as well as the

increase in the cost of living.

Executive Councilor for Customer and Transactional Services, Councilor Stephen Ferguson,

said: "We are working hard to ensure that this relief reaches eligible residents as soon as

possible. So far we have paid out £6,748,350 to 44,991 households and now we want to reach

those that have not yet received their payment. As soon as you receive a letter, please fill out the

online form to claim your money.

These letters will be sent out to all the remaining 16,000 eligible households over the next few


For more information, visit our dedicated Energy Bill Rebate webpage

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