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An update from the Chair of Great Staughton Parish Council on the Affordable Housing Project.

Please see below the first update from Aspen Homes.

In partnership with Chorus Homes, Aspen Build will begin work on The Green, Great Staughton, in late September 2021. The project is due for completion in late 2022.

During the build, we will publish a monthly newsletter. The newsletter will also be on our notice board (located on the site).

Project Summary.

Planning we are currently awaiting final approval to establish our commence date on site

Footway closure.

We have been advised the footway to the south boundary of the site will be closed from the 25th of October until further notice, in the interim period there may be some diversions in areas along the footway to allow the arboricultural works to be undertaken.

Statutory authorities’ operations.

We are currently awaiting final dates for the projects temporary electrical and water connections.

Openreach there is a diversion required to The green elevation of the project also there are some remedial works to be undertaken to the South boundary of the site. We have been advised by Openreach there should be no disruptions to the service during these operations.

Forthcoming works within the first period.

  • Establish full site boundary and signage.

  • Establish site compound set up.

  • Arboricultural works to the site boundaries.

  • Warning notices for the footway closure once we have received the approval from the LPA.

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